2015 Travel Guide

Hey there friendlings,

Hope you’re good. Todays BONUS blog is my Travel Guide that I’ve made especially for YOU! I hope you enjoy the blog post.  💖


Travelling is not always an exciting or fun time. In fact, it can be a really stressful and unpleasant time. Luckily you have me, a traveling expert (well, that’s  what I think I am). I’m going to give you tips on how to make traveling a fun and tranquil time for you & whoever you’re traveling with.

Tip # 1: Prepare, prepare & PREPARE!

Preparation is vital! You don’t want to be an hour late for your flight or forget one of your suitcases in your Uber. You want to walk into the airport with all your luggage and board your plane, ON TIME!
I advise you to set reminders on your phone, arrive 2 or 3 hours before your flight and make sure you have a quick look, before leaving if you’ve left any belongings where you were seated whilst waiting.

Tip #2:  Be Prepared for ANYTHING

As you may know, some flights may have delays. Some of them being major delays and others not so major.  Major delays can be 3+ hours and not so major delays can be 30 minutes – 2-hour delays.

I advise you to keep yourself entertained and a great way to do it downloads the app “colourfy”. This is a colouring book which is available for Apple and Android for FREE. It has super fun colouring tasks for you to complete and make. This app caters for ALL ages. {THIS IS NOT A PAID FOR ADVERTORIAL, AND IS MY OPINION! }


You don’t want to be paying a fee for over packing or having to leave your favourite pairs of shoes at the airport.

I advise you to make sure when packing, you have clothes suitable for your destination and for the number of days you’re staying at your destination.

Tip # 4: Wear the correct clothing

I promise you that if you’re walking around in high heels at an airport, you will be EXTREMELY uncomfortable.  If you’re wearing short sleeved clothing for an 8+ hour flight you will most likely freeze.

I advise you to wear jeans, sweatpants or other comfortable long sleeved pants. Wear comfy shoes such as sneakers or trainers and carry a jacket in hand luggage in case you get cold during your flight.


Tip # 5: Enjoy EVERY moment

Whether you’re flying an international or national flight make sure you have fun and enjoy your flying experience. Traveling is a magnificent part of life and only a few people can experience it.


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A reminder that I post Every Friday but this is just a little bonus post because of the great response to my previous blog post!  BE SURE TO SWING BY TOMORROW FOR ANOTHER BLOGGING WEEKEND POST!

Thank you so much!  Have a great week!

Hugs and kisses



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