South Africa Favorite’s 

Hey there friendlings,

Hope you’re all good. Today’s my LAST BONUS blog post for the teatimewithhann blogging weekend.  * inserts unhappy face emoji *

Johannesburg – South Africa

Today’s blog is my Johannesburg  Favorite’s. These are all the places that I think bring different classes of society together and create our ” Rainbow Nation “.
(This is in no particular order)

1.Krispy Kreme – The Zone Rosebank

Although this is not a South African Company, they bake amazing donuts. Many people crowded and some even camping, by the store on the opening night just to try these delicious treats. There are still long queues 3 weeks later!


2. Häagen Dazs – The Zone Rosebank

This Ice cream / Sorbet parlor is dessert- heaven! With many flavors, you’ll be sure to have quite a tricky time figuring out which one will be ” the lucky one”.

3. KFC- Almost Everywhere



4.Cappuchinos – Clear Water Mall

This fine dining restaurant is one that the whole family can enjoy. With a mind-blowing amount of foods to choose from, you’ll be sure to want more than one meal!


5. Milky Lane – Northgate Mall

Yesterday was the first time in 3 YEARS that I finally had another sit down at Milky Lane. I’ve always been Milky lanes take away a customer.  I realised how much I missed sitting down and slurping a mug of chocolate ice cream with my pals!


6. Marcels – Clear Water Mall


7. CRAFTERS MARKET – Cresta Mall

With many Tumblr – like things to decorate your house or to give to a friend, this should be a house and lifestyle bloggers favourite store. I love the charms that they sell there and they super easy to maintain and quite cheap !!


8. Intercontinental Hotel – Sandton City

Teatimewithhann went for tea time with mum & dad, what fun!


9. Typo

I can guarantee you that most of the time I will go into that store wanting two notebooks. Once I leave the store I will have bought a  new phone cover &  Slurpee cup, 4 notebooks and the other half of the Typo Store.


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A reminder that I post Every Friday but this is just a little bonus post because of the great response to my previous blog posts!

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Hugs and kisses


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