South Africa Favorite’s 

Hey there friendlings,

Hope you’re all good. Today’s my LAST BONUS blog post for the ttwh blogging weekend 😦 .  * inserts unhappy face emoji *

Johannesburg – South Africa

Today’s blog is my Johannesburg  Favorite’s. These are all the places that I think bring different classes of society together and create our ” Rainbow Nation “.
( This is in no particular order )

1.Krispy Kreme – The Zone Rosebank

Although this is not a South African Company ,they provide amazing donuts . Many people crowded and some even camping , by the store on the opening night just to try these delicious treats . There are still long queues 3 weeks later !


2. Häagen Dasz – The Zone Rosebank

This Ice cream / Sorbet parlour is dessert- heaven ! With many flavours , you’ll be sure to have quite a tricky time figuring out which one will be ” the lucky one ” .

3. KFC- Almost Every where



4 . Cappuchinos – Clear Water Mall

This fine dining restaurant, is one that the whole family can enjoy . With a mind blowing amount of foods to choose from ,  you’ll be sure to want more than one meal !


5. Milky Lane – Northgate Mall

Yesterday was the first time in 3 YEARS that I finally had another sit down at Milky Lane . I’ve always been Milky lanes takeaway customer.  I realised how much I missed sitting down and slurping a mug of chocolate ice cream with my pals !


6. Marcels – Clear Water Mall


7. CRAFTERS MARKET – Cresta Mall

With many Tumblr – like things to decorate your house or to give to a friend , this should be a house and lifestyle bloggers favourite store . I love the charms that they sell there and they super easy to maintain and quite cheap !!


8. Intercontinental Hotel – Sandton City

Teatimewithhann with hann went for tea time with mum & dad , what fun !


9. Typo

I can guarantee you that most of the time I will go into that store wanting two notebooks . Once I leave the store I will have bought a  new phone cover &  slurpee cup , 4 notebook’s and the other half of the Typo Store .


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Thank you so much!  Have a great week !


Hugs and kisses


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