Hey there friendlings,

Hope you’re all good. Today I would like to give you my review of the Bean Boozled Jelly Belly’s.


I understand that the Jellybeans are intended to be ” good and bad”, but surprisingly I found the ones that are meant to taste bad quite good!

I tried out the third edition of the Jellybeans.

1.Stinky socks and tutti-fruity

I think I was fortunately unfortunate, I couldn’t taste the difference between the two flavors.


2.Rotten egg and Buttered Popcorn

I never got to taste the Rotten Egg but the Buttered popcorn was horrible!

3.Vomit and peach

The vomit smelt and tasted like vomit and made you want to vomit! The accuracy of the flavour is quite shocking, to be honest!
The Peach was lovely!


4.Booger and juicy pear

Like the Stinky socks and tutti-fruitty I  couldn’t tell the difference. 😦

5.Lawn Clippings and Lime

I don’t recall ever eating grass, but it ( lawn clippings ) definitely tasted like it! I felt like I was a cow grazing in the farmlands chewing on some grass. Haha.

The lime flavoured jelly bean tasted like the normal gourmet jelly beans 🙂

6.Toothpaste and berry blue

The toothpaste flavoured jelly bean tasted as if I just chucked a whole tube of toothpaste in my mouth. I thought that when you eat it would taste like a mint sweet, guess I was wrong!

The berry blue flavoured Jellybean tasted like the normal gourmet jelly beans 🙂

7.Canned Dog food and chocolate pudding

Funny story: at the beginning of this year I had to go to a school camp. This school camp was supposed to toughen us up. One of the ways they did this was by making us eat Canned dog food with tuna and a cracker. News flash – IT WAS HORRIBLE.

When I tried the Canned Dog food jelly beans it brought back that feeling and the Jellybean had a long visit to the dustbin.
*I did not taste the chocolate pudding flavour *

8.Baby wipes and coconut

Both jelly beans had interesting flavours. They genuinely tasted quite nice, if that makes any sense.

Like the Stinky socks and tutti-fruitty,  I couldn’t taste the difference between the two.

{ As you can see I never posted pictures of how the Jellybeans look like. This is because I strongly believe that it will spoil the fun.  The exciting part is looking at how they’ve designed the Jellybeans and obviously tasting it !}


I found these Jelly Beans at the Paying Counter in John Lewis! 😉

A reminder that I post Every Friday but a lot of people have asked me how these jelly beans taste! 

My next blog should be up by tomorrow morning  UK TIME! I would just like to apologise for the confusion and disorder of my blogs <3.


Hugs and Kisses


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