British Public Transport

Hey there friendlings,

Hope you’re all good. Today’s blog is ” Teatimewithhann’s opinion on British Public Transport “.

For the past week, I’ve been getting around London with British Public transport,  mainly the underground trains.
With many Londoners and tourist’s making their way through London and neighboring cities, public transport plays a major role in their lives.
In fact, it is proven that every day about  3.7m people use the Underground whilst 6.4m takes a bus. { Statistics are taken from}

I really wanted to understand what makes it so popular and give my opinion on it.

First of all, I love how the transportation system, in general, is made for
the struggling,  striving & successful. They all see this as a way to get to work or home etc.
The transportation is fast, easy to use and is on almost every street.

1. The Underground

This mode of transport is fairly pricey if used daily yet can get you to across town and will be cheaper than a bus or a taxi.  If you purchase an oyster card, it can be used on buses.


2. The London City Bus

I understand that this isn’t The British Transports area or department and that this is a private company, but the service on this private bus company was absolutely horrible. If you’d like to move from bus to bus three times to get to the corner of the street, I recommend this. If you’d like to walk around Piccadilly Circus, looking for the so-called Bus Stop, this is the Bus For You! If you’d like for the Bus Driver to start swearing at cyclists and drivers next to the bus whilst you’re with children of different ages, you should be sure to give this bus company a call. The bus drivers are confused on where they’re going. They get given a map but decide to follow their own route.

The reason I’m complaining and rambling on because we ( my family of four ) spent well over £60 for this so-called world-class experience which could have been spent towards other modes of transport.

3. The Emirates Cable Car

I don’t know if you’d consider this as a mode of transportation. This cable runs across the Thames. The cable car is fast and gives you a great view of London.

It is fairly cheap and I definitely recommend you pay a visit to its world-class Aviation Centre.



4.The Thames Clipper

Like the Emirates Cable Car, I don’t know if you’d consider this as a mode of transportation. This is a “ferry ” which runs along the river Thames. Your Oyster card could also be used on the ferry.

I love this because it’s fast , you won’t get sea sick and you can find the “docks ” almost anywhere .


I understand that this isn’t British Public Transport but Walking did play a big role to get from one place to another.


So there you have it ,  there is my little review . I hope you enjoyed it and got an idea of what London is like and I would love to see your reviews soon !

Hugs and kisses

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