ULTIMATE School Hacks

Oh, my word!
Yesterday my principal told our grade that there are less than 80 days of school left!
That’s honestly so crazy. The thought that finals are literally around the corner and I’m somewhat still in my Christmas spirit is quite concerning.
But, I’ve got a few ” life hack” and tips and tricks on how you can get organized this year and get ready for end of year exams!


Without any rambling let’s get straight into it…

1. Always know where your things are so in other words don’t make it impossible to find books or papers or test sheets.

Keep everything organized and filed and the best way to do that is to go and get a binder or a binder file .I’ve been using a binder file and binders, lately and honestly, this has helped me so much!

I recommend you go to Walmart they are literally 88c!


2. Be sure to always do regular cleaning of your bags, your book bags, your sports bags and everything!


You don’t want to be a hoarder of papers, test sheets or whatever!  You want to be clean and organized and this way it will help you have an understanding of what you have and what you don’t have and yes I find it to be a great help.


3. Keep a record of homework or tasks in an agenda book or a diary!
Keeping a diary or agenda book will help you remember to do tasks homework, assignments etc.



4.  Flash Cards –
Flashcards are a great studying tool and allow for you to not by yourself but with others too!

Flash cards are also 88c at Walmart

5.  Do your homework!

There is no greater feeling than walking into class and showing your teacher that you have got the homework, honestly, you feel great, your teacher will feel great and you will just feel so much happier knowing that you actually put effort into what the teacher has taught you. REMEMBER SCHOOL IS ABOUT YOU!

6. Studying! Always remember to study, studying ahead is always what you should want to do because that will give you an understanding of the work and also it will be so nice to know that you have already got the foundations for what the class is learning.

7. Exercise!

It is honestly so important to keep your mind and your body healthy.


8.Treat yourself!
Whilst studying always remember to give yourself a treat once you feel like you’ve covered an appropriate amount of work or remember things you thought you wouldn’t remember. This can be done through candy or giving yourself a longer break, whatever suits you!


9. Enjoy every moment.

You can only do high school or primary or elementary school, whatever grade you’re  in once or twice. Make that moment count, time flies so fast and before you know it you’ll be in varsity or you will be out of varsity or you’ll be I don’t know, having kids or something. So make every moment count enjoy every moment of high school and always participate in as much fun as you can and such as sports, play productions etc.






So there you have it!
I hope you enjoyed this blog, be sure to leave a comment and give me a few of your tips on how to stay organized for school and how to stay focused in school. I would love to hear what you think.
Hope to see you guys real soon, remember that I post every Friday and Wednesday! If you haven’t checked out the last blog be sure to check it out for an understanding of why I’ve started blogging on Wednesday.

Hugs and kisses


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