Grandma Tag 

Hey there friendlings ,

Today’s Blog is the grandma tag . Sometime this month I posted a q&a with my brother and my gran said that she would like one too . I hope you enjoy this blog and let me know what you think 😉


1 .What was your greatest fear as a child ?

” the dark , I hated entering a dark house .”

2.What was a dream of yours ?

” career , marriage , success,children “

3.Do you have any dreams for me ?

“A great Profession in whatever profession you choose . A God-Fearing profession and for you too keep a neat and tidy bedroom. “

4. what was the best part about raising my dad ?

“He WAS such a loving boy . He used to love me too pieces and I used to love him back . “

*Laughter fills the room and everyone begins to stare at my dad *

5. What is one thing you would want me to know about raising my own children ?

“love them , care for them . Appreciate that they are gifts from Heaven above . Pray for them too .”

6. When did you first feel like a grown up ?

” I think , when I gratuated from High School “

7. Which one of your grandchildren do you like the most ?

” I love them all. “( She obviously likes me the most , but because my brother was around , this is her answer )

8.What role has faith played in your life ?

” I have my peace like never before and I know where to find it , in the Bible. “

9.What is / was your favorite song ?

“Jesus loves me yes , I know.”

10. What is your favorite store ? ( very random question but , she’s a shopaholic )

” I love to go to Marshalls, for my bargains . “

Thank you , for getting to know my gran , and I hope you enjoyed this .

hugs and kisses



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