Yankee Candle’s Review

Hey there friendlings,

Hope you’re all good. today’s blog is a review of the Yankee Candles store and the Yankee Candle, itself.

1. The container of happiness.
These candles are honestly so beautiful and I absolutely LOVE them. I love the packaging and of course the candles itself. I got two Yankee Candles as you can see in the pictures above. Although I have had quite a few others in the past, these have made reach the point in which I downloaded the Yankee Candle app. If that doesn’t show how much I love these candles, then I don’t know what will.
Now about the actual candles, The Lemon Lavender. I was literally hunting for the best candle scent. Any scent really as long as it smelt lovely and wasn’t too strong.I absolutely HATE when the candle scents are lovely and they end up not giving a strong scent or end up giving a scent to knock you out with nausea because it’s too strong.
My dad came across this one and asked me what I thought, I loved it! Of course, at that point I couldn’t test what level of strength regarding the scent, it would give off. I definitely don’t regret getting that candle and enjoy lighting it.

American Home, this is the second candle we got . I was really looking for a cinnamon , pumpkin , vanilla and apple sort of scent , yes this is very ambiguous of me . Once again my dad finally came across one ! ( Shout out to my dad ! ) I do have one regret regarding this candle and it’s the size of the candle !

2. The Yankee Store
To be honest , there’s not much to tell you regarding the store but , the employees were so sweet and were extremely helpful . I definitely recommend you pay a visit , because , I haven’t been treated so well in a store for such a long time .

Thank you SO much for spending time with me !
I hope to see next week !

ps : This is NOT a paid for advertorial.

Hugs and kisses


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