Yankee Candle’s Review

Hey there friendlings ,

Hope you’re all good . today’s blog is a review of the Yankee Candles store and the Yankee Candle , itself .

1. The container of happiness.
These candles are honestly so beautiful and I absolutely LOVE them . I love the packaging  and of course the candles itself . I got two Yankee Candles as you can see in the pictures above. Although, I have had quite a few others in the past, these have made reach the point in which I downloaded the Yankee Candle app . If that doesn’t show how much I love these candles , then I don’t know what will .
Now about the actual candles , The Lemon Lavender . I was literally hunting for the best candle scent . Any scent really as long as it smelt lovely and wasn’t to strong .I absolutely HATE when the candle scents are lovely and they end up not giving a strong scent or end up giving a scent to knock you out with nausea, because it’s too strong.
My dad came across this one and asked me what I thought , I loved it ! Of course at that point I couldn’t test what level of strength regarding the scent , it would give off . I definitely don’t regret getting that candle and enjoy lighting it.

American Home , this is the second candle we got . I was really looking for a cinnamon , pumpkin , vanilla and apple sort of scent , yes this is very ambiguous of me . Once again my dad finally came across one ! ( Shout out to my dad ! ) I do have one regret regarding this candle and it’s the size of the candle !

2. The Yankee Store
To be honest , there’s not much to tell you regarding the store but , the employees were so sweet and were extremely helpful . I definitely recommend you pay a visit , because , I haven’t been treated so well in a store for such a long time .

Thank you SO much for spending time with me !
I hope to see next week !

ps : This is NOT a paid for advertorial .

Hugs and kisses


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