How to manage Fitness whilst Travelling.

Hey there friendlings ,

Hope you’re all good .

I understand that many people started the new year with the ambition and resolution to become healthier , more fit and exercise more frequently . Spring break is coming up , meaning tons and tons and tons of laziness , food and more  .

TRUST ME , I’ve been there . If not , I think I’ve had it worse . I was living out of my suitcase for almost a month ! I definitely understand the struggle of always eating out , and not being in the mood to hit the gym or even affording membership for it !

Therefore , I’m proud to give you my tips and tricks on how you can stay fit, whilst enjoying your vacation !


1. Making yo’ belly happy !


Making your belly happy doesn’t necessarily mean eating a whole pack of Oreos and making Mc Donald’s a three-times-a-day-meal. Making your belly happy simply means you give your belly the nutrients it needs !

Did you Know ?

In order to live a healthy and nutritious life

, the suggested food elements are as required:

 1. Carbohydrates , carbohydrates is your main source of energy.

2. Protein , protein repairs and maintains body cells

3. Fats( Overall your body should’nt have no more than 30% fat) , fat is necessary for growth and repair of cells

4. Vitamins and Minerals 

5. Water – the most IMPORTANT  nutrient.

I understand that it’s not always easy finding cheap , affordable and quick already made foods , but at least make sure you’re getting ALL the nutrients you need , daily !

2. It’s the little things that count !


Start off slow ! Never exercise with a body that is in extreme pain and is beyond exhausted . I’m not saying that you should sit and do nothing . Start slowly by strolling around the country or town you’re visiting, by walking  . This way you’re exploring and getting the exercise you need!

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One of my favorite ways to explore is by visiting a national park. National parks usually provide informative/historical billboards . This way you’re learning more about locals , the history of the place you’re visiting, enjoying nature and of course ,exercising.


In the background of the picture displayed above is an example of the billboards national parks provide .

3.Gaining Momentum.


As soon as you’ve got your rest and feeling more or less like yourself , GO FOR IT ! Take a jog , a run , have an intense workout and shoot for the stars . Never underestimate the power you truly have . In other words , increase the pace that it would take you to go site seeing .BUT remember that sometimes enough is enough !

4. A one weeker 


Exercising once a week or once in a blue moon is simply not enough.Try to make it a regular thing . Skip the elevator or escalator and jog up or down the stairs , once again , it’s the little things that count . Use your time wisely .

5. Enough is enough

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Never push yourself to the point that you hate what you are doing . Exercise should be a stress reliever, or even an exciting time ! But remember, this is your vacation !

I hope that you enjoyed the FIRST HALF of my TWO week series . I’ve got so much to share with you and I hope you are as excited as I am !

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