Hannah & Hillary 

Hey there friendlings,

Hope you’re all good. Today’s blog is something I never saw myself doing.

Today I met Former Secretary of state,  Hillary. R. Clinton. The amount of excitement I had was indescribable.  Her love and kindness made me overwhelmed by her warm and welcoming spirit.


My day started out to be horrible.  I never reached a certain goal I had wanted on my maths paper and my teachers were overwhelming me with a ton of things they believe I need to catch up.

I then got picked up early from
school and went straight to the rally. I never knew what to expect. This was my first and certainly not last, presidential rally.

The room was packed to the very brim and people both young and old were on their toes trying to get a good glimpse of the stage. Everyone was itching to see Hillary.


And FINALLY her powerful theme song soared across the room and the crowd began to roar.


Hillary began to share with us and her positivity definitely had an effect on the crowd. The crowd was filled with smiles and Hillary ‘ s famous ” Fighting for us ” posters were held high.

The time came for Mrs. Clinton to say goodbye -for now. #Hillary4President

As people began to flock out, I saw a crowd beginning to form around the stage. I told my dad that I had to see what was going on. Former Secretary of State was taking pictures, signing books, speaking to people and just having fun.


As I entered the crowd, I never saw myself getting a picture with her. I saw myself maybe getting a handshake or one of her warm smiles. I refused to only get a handshake and a warm smile and so I pushed my way through. I was probably the shortest there, so that already gave me an advantage to a certain extent.

Finally, I reached the front and she started speaking to me! She held my dad’s phone and started tapping the camera button – I was over the moon. She later got one of her assistants or secret service to take pictures of us.

Unfortunately, our conversation got cut short as there was a lady older than me who wanted to share her story with Hillary.

At least I got to meet her. At least we got to interact for about two seconds.

As you can see, Today was a great day!  I never thought I’d ever experience such a great time!

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Thank you so much for paying a visit!

Hugs and kisses


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