One year anniversary

WOW WOW WOW ! I’ve spent 365 days trying to perfect every single piece of content that has ever and will ever be posted on TeaTimeWithHann . I’m incredibly blessed to see a significant amount of growth every single day. The amount of support I’ve been given is indescribable .

Sunglasses : Fossil

For all the new friendlings – I wish you a very warm welcome. I’m so glad that you’ve decided to join our tea-dates .

My name is Hannah & I’m a teenage blogger who writes about everything and anything . I’m a writer of all things lifestyle related .

Although I started blogging on April 15 2015 ,my page began to blossom on December 2015 , when I hit 200 views , 60 visitors and 30 likes . That day was a start to many bliss-filled blogging days . I started having no idea of what I was doing and little knowledge about writing but I knew that ,

I – love(d) – writing ,

I love the fact that ,if you’re not sure about you’re writing , you can be reassured by your photographs.
Writing is where I can truly tell the secrets I’m to afraid to tell humans .
Writing is where I can authentically help people and somewhat inspire them .
It’s where I found out my hidden talents and characteristics of creativity and perseverance.
Writing is where I make one in a life time friends and opportunities.
Writing is a way of slowly drawing readers and non-readers to enter this world of realism , bliss and the entitlement to be yourself.
Writing is what gets me going .
Writing is where I come to the realization that , maybe happiness is you sitting for hours writing and editing your next blog.
Writing is where the pressure of perfection is real.
Perfection of your writing , editing , photographs , Web development and yourself .
Yes , I might be different,  whilst other folks my age find happiness in a lover , I find my happiness in this .
Creativity , writing , constant planning and thinking and the never ending goal to be perfect and create perfection.
I believe that you should
ask yourself these questions on a daily basis !
1. What makes me happy ?
2. What makes me real ?
3. What makes me , me ?

Shirt : H&M | Sweatpants : H&M | Hoodie : Kohls 

Yes , I’m an amateur writer , but ,
I’m a teenage blogger who’s willing to tell you my side of the story…

Xx Hannah

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