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Hope you’re all good! Today’s blog is my FIRST ever collaboration blog with a fellow blogger whose blog I’ve loved reading!

Today’s blog is with Emily Clare Beauty 

Emily and I have gathered some tips and tricks on how you can easily manage your beauty routine with traveling. Travelling can be a great time, but once the whole beauty routine falls into place, the struggle begins! Luckily we are here to help you and I hope you enjoy these tips!

I mainly focused on how to package your beauty products and finding easy ways to package them :

Decreasing your products

Depending on what airline you use, you can only carry around a certain amount of milliliters of liquid on a plane, usually under 100ml per liquid item. Forget your all-new one-liter shampoo and go ahead and purchase a travel size shampoo or other liquids. This will allow you to carry less and save more money!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Small is the new tall

Unfortunately not all accommodation provides hair dryers or hair straighteners. So, instead of purchasing large ones, go ahead and scout for a mini one ! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

[One of the most affordable, and of a good quality and adorably packaged mini hair straighteners I’ve ever seen: Urban Outfitters  ]

Eva NYC Mini Flat Iron
DISCLAIMER: This image does not belong to me and is property of

Going Single 

Take ONE of everything THAT YOU NEED. Doubling up on everything should not be your go-to plan unless you’d like to double up your baggage fee. 😉


Get creative 

Create a hamper in which you can keep all your most needed products including the things you need regarding sanitary care, makeup and hair care.


Emily mainly focused on what is the ideal make up products for traveling. (ps: I truly believe she’s a beauty guru 😉 )




Emily Clare Beauty:

So I have chosen a selection of products which I feel are the best products to take on holiday with you, in terms of size and space but also affordability.

So firstly I have chosen the MUA Undress Me Too Palette. This is a small compact eyeshadow palette which contains 12 very pigmented colours which whilst on holiday allows you to make soooo many different looks, including smokey eyes or a subtle gold effect. At only £4 (OMG!) it is super for your travels!

Next is the Garnier BB Cream. I find that when I am on holiday, to put foundation on in the morning repetitively each day is very drying on the skin, especially if you going somewhere hot. This BB Cream is a great alternative that still gives the same look as a foundation but is extra moisturizing. Also after your holiday, if you want to go back to using foundation then it is a great primer!

If you love a bit of contour like I do, then it is better to get a combined bronzer and blush to save space for more products. This is why I chose the Jelly Pong Pong Caribbean Sun Bronzer Duo Palette. It is such a good duo palette! I luckily got it free in a pack when I went to the Clothes Show Live a few years ago but is a bit pricey. But this is a good example of what you should bring.

If you want to widen your eyes whilst on holiday with a bit of mascara then this product is a must. You may just want to take your normal mascara as quite often people are worried about switching mascaras, but you should try this one out! It is the AVON Mega Effects Mascara and it has an unusually shaped brush, meaning that it can be packed easily in small spaces. It gives a good plumping effect, however, isn’t waterproof so don’t wear it in the swimming pool!!

Finally, with all this makeup, you need brushes. However, you don’t want to take tons of brushes as it is just a waste and you won’t need all of them. That’s why I recommend the Real Techniques Travel Essential brush collection. It is three brushes which is definitely enough to do all your makeup with and real technique brushes are just so soft and amazing that it is worth buying them anyway, even if you’re not going on holiday!

There you have it! A few tips and tricks from EmilyClareBeauty and I. I’d just like to say thank you to Emily for making this collab exciting since day one and really contributing so much time and effort – I truly admire your blogs and I can’t wait to see you grow as a blogger!

If you haven’t subscribed to Emily, STOP what you’re doing and give her page some love X


Hugs and Kisses


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