Weekend Journal – April 15-17 2016

Weekend Journal –

Friday 4/15: Today was beyond crazy, I had so much to do and such little time. Fortunately, the week is finally over and I can begin counting down to spring break!
I also completed #dayfour of my gym comeback and I must say, I’m feeling GREAT!
As soon as everyone arrived home and had their snacks, we then decided to go out and enjoy the marvelous weather that awaited us. We, my family and I, went to our local park and caught some sun rays and the newly fresh air. As the sun was saying its goodbyes we decided to do so ourselves, we left the park and decided to enjoy a drive around town. It was such fun seeing places we never ever thought existed. Next stop: a pizzeria on our way home.


Saturday 4/16: Today felt more like Spring, we were in the 70 degrees Fahrenheit range and I was lovin’ it. The sun was out and I guess most of the town was. Because I am Hannah and SOMETIMES I do the most abnormal things,  I ended up staying indoors for most of the day instead of enjoying the sun. I guess I’ve got experience more pleasing weather, and this was just a well-deserved break from the snow. Towards midday, the sudden urge for Dunkin Donuts arose. Luckily,  there’s a Dunkin Donuts up the street and so getting there wasn’t a huge problem.
We, my gran and I, took advantage of the special that’s going on at Dunkin and bought large peach flavored green ice teas and sprinkled donuts.
To complete my day, I read the book ‘Glee’.

Sunday 4/17: Today started off with me flipping some pancakes on the stove. We later went to church and came back home. A few hours went by and we decided to go out and play a little soccer. I came back and home and I happen to be writing this blog, RIGHT NOW!

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