Weekend Journal – April 15-17 2016

Weekend Journal –

Friday 4/15 : Today was beyond crazy , I had so much to do and such little time . Fortunately, the week is finally over and I can begin counting down to spring break !
I also completed #dayfour of my gym comeback and I must say , I’m feeling GREAT !
As soon as everyone arrived home and had their snacks , we then decided to go out and enjoy the marvelous weather that awaited us . We , my family and I , went to our local park and caught some sun rays and the newly fresh air . As the sun was saying it’s goodbyes we decided to do so ourselves , we left the park and decided to enjoy a drive around town . It was such fun seeing places we never ever thought existed . Next stop : a pizzeria on our way home .


Saturday 4/16 : Today felt more like Spring ,we were in the 70 degree Fahrenheit range and I was lovin’ it . The sun was out and I guess most of the town was . Because I am Hannah and SOMETIMES I do the most abnormal things,  I ended up staying indoors for most of the day instead of enjoying the sun . I guess I’ve got experience more pleasing weather , and this was just a well deserved break from the snow. Towards midday , the sudden urge for Dunkin Donuts arose. Luckily,  there’s a Dunkin Donuts up the street and so getting there wasn’t a huge problem .
We, my gran and I , took advantage of the special that’s going on at Dunkin and bought large peach flavored green ice teas and sprinkled donuts .
To complete my day , I read the book ‘Glee’ .

Sunday 4/17 : Today started off with me flipping some pancakes on the stove . We later went to church and came back home. A few hours went by and we decided to go out and play a little soccer . I came back and home and I happen to be writing this blog , RIGHT NOW !

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