Time to get EARTHY

Hey there friendlings!

Hope you’re all good.

In honor of national Earth Day, which took place on April twenty-second, I have put together a pledge that I would love to fulfill for the rest of my life.




This is my pledge to my community :

  • I will always recycle my plastics and papers when possible

  • I will not litter

  • I will not waste water

  • I will not throw any toxic waste or acid into a body of water

  • I will purchase non-micro-bead soaps.

  • I will complete at least two annual community service hours

  • I will not affect the habitat of wildlife

  • I will try to plant indigenous plants if possible.


I truly believe that climate change and global warming is something that is revealed every single day and will eventually need to be solved. I never used to FULLY believe in Global warming or climate change until I learned about the effects it has and how it occurs.Often times we human’s don’t even notice!

In the nearby future, I will be writing a blog about why climate change and global warming is REAL and EASY ways you can make a HUGE impact to solve it!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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9 thoughts on “Time to get EARTHY

  1. Great pledges! I’m going to try and do these too,as bad as it sounds it’s sometimes hard to not tollow the crowd and not litter or not be lazy and actually recyle,can you check out my blog please? X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally understand , I’ve often felt like following the crowd too ! You’ve got me wanting to write a blog on some tips to make recycling and looking after our world easier ! Thank you for visiting my page , and I would love to visit yours too . If you enjoyed my page – be sure to subscribe and I’ll do the same ! Have a great day ! -Teatimewithhann


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