Mother’s Day 2k16

Hey there Friendlings,

Hope you’re all good! In honor of Mother’s day, I thought that I’d do a ” What WE got my mum and grandma for Mothers Day ” blog. ( By we, I mean my brother, dad and I )

Most of these items were purchased at Target. Target is honestly the best place to look for good quality clothing, jewelry and I guess anything that you can give someone as a gift.

One of my favorite items definitely has to be the Decorative Box Tricoa Glass Multi-colored Square  we got for my gran. It’s honestly so cute and recently, I’ve been so in love with calligraphy, and so the message inside the glass box is beyond beautiful.

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My mum bought a pair of earrings before we went on holiday. Unfortunately, whilst we were on holiday my earring piece got lost and so she gave me hers so that my pierced hole wouldn’t close up. I’ve been meaning to buy her the exact pair but hadn’t been able to find them again, until I visited Target. These are Nickel free earring’s and came in a set of three! They are super cute, and so was the price!

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FullSizeRender (8)

Women’s Stud Earrings with Stones – Clear/Gold

My mum’s go-to clothing item has been denim jackets for an extremely long time, and so my dad thought it was just right to buy her one for Mother’s Day!  It’s sort of the typical denim jacket but was quite light, which is perfect for the spring-summer time!

Gift bags, gift bags, and gift bags! I understand that gift bags aren’t the most exciting thing to talk about, but they’re probably the most important part of the whole gift buying process, other than the gift itself.

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  1. Gift Bag Hot Pink & White Dots Spritz™        

  2. Gift Bag Lavender Large

Lastly, we had to buy some Mother’s Day cards!  I got the card below because it’s probably one of the most funniest Mother’s Day card’s I’ve come across!


I hope that you enjoyed this blog, be sure to leave a comment about what you got your mother for Mother’s Day! I would appreciate it if you gave this a like and let me know what blogs you’d like to see!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid for advertorial and all opinions are my own!

Hugs and Kisses


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