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Hey There Friendlings,

Hope you’re all good! Because summer is coming up, and it’s never a bad idea to go traveling, one of my best friends and I decided to brainstorm and make one AWESOME collab!

Kayla doesn’t have a blog page, but we both share similar interests in writing and travel. I’ve known Kayla for almost three years and there’s always one thing we’ve always managed to talk about.How to prepare for traveling, how to make it easier and where our favorite places to travel to are.

But before I tell you our whole life story, Kayla and I would love to present to you OUR  SIXTEEN TRAVEL HACKS FOR 2K16!

My Travel Tips:

1.Roll NOT fold.

❥Last year’s travel guide was mainly about packing and organizing, and so I won’t get in-depth with those two VITAL categories in this blog. BUT, I’d just like to let you know that rolling your clothes provides SO much more space in your suitcase than folding does and doesn’t crinkle your clothes like a lot of people think it does.

2.Let go of the unnecessary

❥Packing is a thing that’s always been a struggle when going on vacations. This year I managed to pack clothes that I NEEDED and my clothes lasted me a solid ONE MONTH OF TRAVELING.

HOW I DID IT: I packed the things I needed. Outfit planning is a great help! Choosing what you can wear with certain pants and tops is the ultimate packing guide.

3.Time,Time & time 

❥One thing I’ve definitely learned is to use time wisely, to make time my best friend and to take in every single moment. Hence the famous saying ” Time flies when you’re having fun.” Make sure you’re being time friendly with everything you do. Whether it is during your trip or at the airport. Wake up early and explore.

Simple life hack to be time friendly: SET ALARMS, alarms aren’t only for waking up early.

4. Backpackin’

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❥If you ever decide to browse the country, town or city that you’re visiting, take a backpack. Backpacks are a great way to transport small items such as beverages, cell phones, cameras, snacks and anything that will get you through a day worth of exploring.

PS: I definitely recommend you repack your backpack daily as this will help you have a fairly new idea of whats in your backpack and what you need to add to you backpack.

5.Phone case purse

If you’re not into the whole backpacking idea, this is a super easy travel hack which, like most things definitely has it’s pros and cons. Pro: Keeping cash in your phone-case is a better alternative to carrying around a handbag or backpack.Unfortunately, this means that coins are a thing of the past.


❥Snappin’ as many pictures as possible and really taking in as much culture as possible is truly beautiful. Never forget that life is a learning process and if you have the opportunity to travel to places with different cultures, embrace and learn about them, trust me it’s great!

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One of my favorite ways to learn about History and cultures of places is by visiting museums . I had the privilege to visit ‘The British Museum ‘ .Woah , did it blow my mind ! In the museum there were fossils from many era’s that once lived on Earth from,Egyptian Mummy’s of not only humans but animals ! There were many primary sources,  and a gazillion other AMAZING things about Britain . Trust me ,Britain is not only famous for it’s high-tea’s but for it’s powerful Golden Age .


(This is not a paid for advertorial and is 100% my opinion !)

7.Without Borders 

❥Explore without borders. Sometimes beauty is out of your comfort zone. Never limit where you can and cannot explore ( More about this will be in one my blogs to come)


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Kayla’s Travel Tips :

❥Even if you’re going from a warm country to a warm country, always pack warmly for the plane, especially if your flight is during the evening. (The plane blankets are thin and practically useless). It will always be a mystery as to why they purposefully freeze the cabin. But if you’re really cold, don’t be shy to ask your hosts or hostess for an extra blanket. They’d be happy to help.

❥Don’t plan your trip too much. Most treasures are stumbled upon when you least expect it. Instead of speeding to your destination, take your time, take detours and enjoy the ride.

❥For beach holidays, a sarong is never wasted. They are light in terms of packing space, and they can be used as a skirt, a towel, a dress or even as a windbreaker when it gets chilly on the coasts.

❥Before you go eat out at a restaurant, get physical cash first. In my experience, many restaurants don’t have credit card machines in Europe (especially in Ireland).

❥I know money doesn’t grow on trees (technically it does, it’s paper), but if you’re in a new country, spoil yourself. Spend that little bit of extra money on delicacies and fancy chocolates. Save on plane tickets and accommodation, and focus more on spending your money on experiences within the country itself.

❥ Try new things. When visiting a new country, eat their food. What’s the point of hotel food when you can buy that at any supermarket?


❥ If you’re a reader, bringing a book along is always a hit. Sure, you don’t want to spend your holiday reading the entire time, but traveling can bring fatigue and the weather might not always be top-notch. Never forget that curling up in a blanket with a book and hot chocolate can also turn into a memorable experience.

Note: Kindles are meant for traveling, so instead of lugging around huge books, just slip a kindle into your bag.

❥ For those times when you totally forget to buy a gift for friends or family, don’t stress. Airports are stacked with souvenirs, and even something as simple as Toblerone will always go down well.

❥ It’s only by traveling that you can have a true opinion of a place. Soon you’ll realize that every country and society is unique and special. So remember to bring along a good quality camera everywhere and have many available shots, nothing is worse than having to delete good photos for space.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog! Because you read this WHOLE blog and I  never uploaded a blog last week, I’m  giving you 500 friendling points ! Let me know how many friendling points YOU have!

I’d also love to give a massive thank you to Kayla for collabing with me! This has been so fun and I hope we can collaborate more in the future! Ps: Please start a blog ASAP!

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Hugs and Kisses,

Teatimewithhann ( & Kayla )

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