May Favorites 2016 

Hey there friendlings,

Hope you’re all good! I can’t believe it’s almost June! Because it’s the end of the month and I haven’t shared a favorites blog in forever, please enjoy this blog.

My beauty favorites 

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1.Method Foaming Body Wash: This body wash is so rich in freshness and natural scents and I absolutely love it!

2.TopCare Makeup Remover Wipes: I don’t use this for makeup but rather for the hot summer days when my skin becomes super oily. It manages to leave my skin feeling refreshed and leaves one stunning glow 😉 .

3.Lemongrass Bath Bomb: No, this was not from Lush, but it’s definitely Lush quality. This was purchased at one of my local Farmers markets. I’ve been buying these bath bombs for a while and I must say, they are great!

My clothing favorites

1. Mossimo Red and White Shirt: super simple and casual summer shirt, which definitely stands out with whatever you wear it with.

2. Denim Skirt: I have never been a fan of skirts but twenty sixteen has been all about change, and I sorta fell in love with this skirt as soon as I saw it.

3. Mossimo Khaki Shorts: I don’t know if I’ve joined the late train to this awesome trend.

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Favorite Book 

The Great War: This book is a series of stories.It’s talks about World War One and how families know people who participated in that impactful war. It is probably one of my favorite war books.

❥There you have it, my May favorites! Feel free to hit the like button and subscribe to some more lovely blogs! Also let me know what your favorite product, book etc is!

Ps: I might do a summer lookbook, so let me know what looks you’d like to see 😉 !

Hugs and kisses


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