Lauren Elizabeth App Review

Hey there friendlings,
Hope you’re all good. Today’s blog is a Review for the Lauren Elizabeth App which launched a few weeks ago !

Lauren ‘ s app is simply another platform in which she shares a little bit of her life with the rest of the world . If you did not know , Lauren was a blogger before she became a youtuber and so blogging has always played a massive role in her life .

This app is amazingggg! It’s a place in which teenagers can interact with Lauren and often times with each other teenagers . It’s one hundred percent safe , meaning none of your information is shared .

The design of the app is beyond stunning and the content she provides is basically perfection .

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I rate this a nine and a half /ten

( Simply because she writes once a weeks and I’d love to read more ! )
Her Instagram: LaurenElizabeth

Download her app:

***Disclaimer : This is not a paid for Advertorial . These images belong to Lauren Elizabeth .***


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