It’s time for change ! #endgirlhate

Hey there friendlings,

Hope you’re all good ! I’ve wanted to talk about this for months and I guess I’ve been so afraid about what people would think . I soon realised that this is my little corner of the Internet, where I spill my thoughts .

What I really want to talk about is #endgirlhate . #endgirlhate is a campaign in which girl’s, ladies and women come together and support one another .  #endgirlhate also educates and informs young ladies, like myself about girl on girl hate and why it is wrong . Many women look at one another as competition rather than a support structure, and I must say that I have seen myself fall into that position many times . I soon realised that comparison is the number one destroyer of all things possible ! Imagine what great things us women could accomplish if we stood together and supported one another .

Whilst we all strive for individual success, we can often forget that no woman is an island and reaching success without help from others is beyond impossible.


I truly believe that it’s time for #endgirlhate not to become known and ignored by people, but to become a movement and to also be incorporated into our daily lives.

I obviously understand that the world is very competitive but whilst striving for greatness , make sure you’re not bringing others down by hating , boasting or spreading negativity . Join me on my journey to #endgirlhate, by simply spreading positivity rather than rumors and by willing to help other women grow through encouragement and love rather than bring them down with hate and discouragement .

I hope that I’ve shared something for you to think about and that you enjoyed this blog . If you would like to learn more about what #endgirlhate is, feel free to visit their website at or by following them on Instagram @endgirlhate
Remember, talk about other girls the way you’d like to be spoken about .

Hugs and kisses,


***Please note, I’m not being paid to talk about #endgirlhate . ***


5 thoughts on “It’s time for change ! #endgirlhate

  1. This was a great post. I see girl on girl hate at my office all the time. What’s worse is that it’s my friends doing the hating. I feel terrible seeing them tease this poor girl and not say anything.

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    1. I totally understand where you’re coming from ! Remember to stay positive and make sure their negativity is not spread to you ! Thank you so much for visiting my blog ! ( feel free to share my blog & subscribe for more great blogs ! ) Xx – Teatimewithhann

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