Around The World Watch Unboxing 

Hey there friendlings,

I hope that you’re all good. Today’s blog is the Unboxing and review of my first ever online shopping item! I purchased the Around The World watch from Urban Outfitters via their app. 

Delivery: 5/5 

It was really fast to deliver. I ordered it on Friday, July 8 and received it on Monday, July 11, meaning it took 2-3 days to deliver. 

Quality of Watch: 4.5/5

Not only is the watch beautifully designed, the straps are genuine leather sewn to perfection. The stitchings are so well put together. The only problem with the watch is that the leather sort of crinkles.

Price of Watch: 5/5

The watch was $34(R510, £30) without tax. I believe you can get the same watch from department stores for over $200 and so getting it from Urban for this price is definitely AMAZING!


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hugs and kisses,



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