Around The World Watch Unboxing 

Hey there friendlings, 

I hope that you’re all good. Today’s blog is the Unboxing and review of my first ever online shopping item ! I purchased the Around The World watch from Urban Outfitters via their app . 

Delivery: 5/5 

It was really fast to deliver . I ordered it on Friday July 8 and received it on Monday July 11, meaning it took 2-3 days to deliver . 

Quality of Watch : 4.5/5

Not only is the watch beautifully designed, the straps are genuine leather sewn to perfection . The stitchings are so well put together . The only problem with the watch is that the leather sort of crinkles.

Price of Watch : 5/5

The watch was $34( R510 ,£30) without tax . I believe you can get the same watch from no name companies in department stores for over $200 and so getting it from Urban for this price is definitely AMAZING !


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hugs and kisses,



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