My Top Ten Travel Essentials

Hey there friendlings,
Hope you’re all good. The other day I realised that I have only shared Travel Guides on my blog but I’ve never shared what I take with me on my vacations. So, I thought I’d sit down and share my top ten travel essentials.

1. My IPad

Especially during road trips, I find it so convenient to have my iPad with me. My iPad allows me to read, listen to music, watch Netflix and do so much more.
[I have the IPad Mini which is so convenient to travel with, since its so small !]

2. My Backpack

I find it much more convenient to carry around a backpack rather than a handbag. I also feel safer to carry a backpack, rather than a handbag.


3. My Journal

Whenever I go on vacation, I like to record what I do every single day whilst I’m on vacation. I also like to collect maps or tickets of places that I visited and staple them to my journal.

[My journal is from Claire’s ]

4.Ziplocks and Plastics

Ziplocks and Plastics are a great way to keep all my dirty clothes, store my souvenirs, place my shoes in … the list could go on! They are very light and so having them around is, once again, convenient.



5.My Toiletry Bag 

My toiletry bag contains everything from my toothpaste and toothbrush to my deodorants and shower gels. I try to have quite a light toiletry bag but at the same time, pack enough things.


6.My Raincoat

Whether I’m going to a tropical destination or an artic destination, carrying a raincoat is SO important. Rain is something that I can, to a certain extent, control by wearing a raincoat.

[My raincoat is from Columbia]


7.My Gym Clothes 

I never know when I can seize the opportunity to catch a quick workout. Even if I don’t get time to have a quick workout, gym clothing is super comfortable and so wearing it out-and-about is definitely okay!

[Some of my finest gym wear is from Puma and New Balance]


8.A Pack Of Gum 

A pack of gum is a MUST HAVE. No further explanation is needed!


9.My Vitamins 

Packing my vitamins is so important mainly because my vitamins are sort of like my “energy booster”. I’ll admit, you won’t always feel energetic on your vacations and so packing vitamins is essential!



787db01b-dae0-4689-a45e-8bb66a9f019d (1)

10.A Pack Of Plasters

Whenever I go on vacation, there’s a possibility that someone all of a sudden, cuts themselves or falls. Plasters are SO IMPORTANT to keep with you.

I obviously pack things such as clothing and shoes, but these are the few things that are my essential add on’s. I hope that you enjoyed this blog and got a feel of what I love to keep with me whilst I’m on vacation!

hugs and kisses,


[Comment what your number 1 travel essential is! If you read this,

you earn 200 friendling points !]



8 thoughts on “My Top Ten Travel Essentials

  1. My top travel essential is a hair tie. It’s such a simple one but I always seem to forget it. Love this blog post by the way, I especially like that Journal and the toiletry bag! So cute!


    1. A hair tie ! How could I have forgotten ?! I always seem to forget my hair ties and it’s so frustrating! Thank you so much for reading my blogs, be sure to pop in next week for more exciting content ! – Teatimewithhann Xx


    1. My ipad and gum is NUMBER ONE on my list. I seriously can’t go without them . Thank you so much for reading my blogs, be sure to pop in next week for more exciting content ! – Teatimewithhann Xx


  2. Lovely post Han! And such a helpful list of things that I will definitely make use of when I go travelling! My number one essential has to be my camera! I love to capture my surroundings wherever I go. It’s almost like my visual journal!
    Once again, great blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I would love to see a journal flip through post if you’re open to sharing since I’d love to start a journal but I’m not too sure what I’d put in it

    Liked by 1 person

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