Chit Chat with Hann ft. LeAnne Dlamini| Chapter 5

Hey there Friendlings, 

I hope you are having an amazing week! Today’s blog, as you can see by the title, is a CHIT CHAT WITH HANN ft LeAnne Dlamini. LeAnne Dlamini is a singer and songwriter, a wife,  a mum and someone I look up to. She is the founder of #endgirlhate (a movement that encourages women to support one another) and I know a lot of you were beyond inspired when I wrote a blog post on it!

Without any further ado, I hope you enjoy my chat with LeAnne:

1.Why did you start #endgirlhate?

I started End Girl Hate because I was tired of women & girls constantly hating on & competing with one another.I just wanted to encourage & uplift my fellow sisters & let them know it’s okay to cheer for one another.

2.It’s so easy to compare ourselves to other girls and so what do you think is the most effective way to #endgirlhate? 

We need to start working on ourselves first, start loving yourself & once you’re secure with who you are & know you’re worth you stop comparing yourself to others.

3.What is one important / life changing thing that you’ve learned as a mum?

To not sweat the small stuff & just celebrate life & be grateful for what I have. My children are happy, healthy & that’s the most important thing.

4.As a singer/songwriter have you ever run out of ideas for a song, if so how did you finally put something together?

I get writers’ block often & when that usually happens I just take time off writing for a bit until I’m inspired again. Co-writing with another artist often helps too.

5.What is your go-to makeup product and fashion item?

My go to make up product would probably be my Anastacia Glow Kit! It’s a 4 pack highlighter kit that will have you glowing & sparkling all day long! My go-to fashion item would probably be my Topshop Jamie high waisted skinny jeans. I’m a very simple dresser & jeans you can dress up or down!

6.What do you like to do in your spare time?

Nothing! Haha… Because my life is so crazy when I don’t have to do anything I want. But trips with my family are one of my indulgences.

There you have it! My chit chat with LeAnne Dlamini. Thank you so much, LeAnne for agreeing to be interviewed. Your kind words inspire me and I’m sure will inspire other girls like myself, to be as kind-hearted as you !! 

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