Above New York

DATE:  11 August 2016
LOCATION:  Manhattan, New York

Hey There Friendlings,

I hope you’re all good!  NEW YORK, oh how I love New York. Like many cities, New York has something so unique and special about it, it’s buildings. With its skyscrapers so high, they are basically amongst the clouds. Last Week I visited the THIRD TALLEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD and THE TALLEST BUILDING IN NEW YORK. The One World Trade Center. With the magnificent view of New York and New Jersey, there’s no other place to see such a beautiful view in New York.



Before we visited The World Trade Center aka The One World Observatory, we made a quick visit to The 9/11 Memorial. Seeing how many innocent people lost their lives was so heartbreaking, but our visit is certainly something I’ll never forget.


WHAT A VIEW! This is certainly a concrete jungle where dreams are made.


In front of me, you can see the three “sister” bridges, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg bridge. Three bridges built solidly over the Hudson River. Once again, the view is AMAZING!


Oops, can you see the air vent at the bottom of the photo? Haha, keep scrolling !!!





The views of the buildings are absolutely beautiful. If you ever happen to find yourself in New York, I definitely recommend visiting The One World Trade Center.

I hope you enjoyed the blog,

Hugs and kisses,


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