5 Places I’d Like To Visit 

Hey There Friendlings,

 I hope you’ve had a fabulous week! (Ps: happy first of October!)  This week I wanted to share something a little different and something that I’ve never shared. FIVE PLACES I’D LIKE TO VISIT.

As you can see my list consists of countries that are so different and share close to zero similarities. I’ve always been someone to enjoy the city life rather than the beach life and so there is only one beachy-island on my list.

1. Dubai – I’ve always been so interested in how beautiful and extravagant Dubai is and so Dubai is definitely a MUST VISIT !

2.Great Barrier Reef – I’ve always wanted to explore The Great Barrier Reef. Having the opportunity to go shark cage diving there, would be a dream come true.

3.Switzerland – I’m not a huge fan of snow but, there’s something so magical about skiing the Swiss Alps.

4.The Maldives – The only beachy-island I would love to visit. There’s something that draws me to want to visit the Maldives. I have no idea what it is and why I like the Maldives so much, but I would without a doubt, want to visit it.

5.Italy – Not only is Italy beautiful, but it is rich in culture and history. With beautiful Cathedrals, landmarks, streets, and people, why wouldn’t you want to visit Italy?

Where would you like to visit? 

Thank you so much for reading my blog!

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12 thoughts on “5 Places I’d Like To Visit 

  1. Italy is gorgeous! I was lucky enough to go for two weeks back in 2011. I think that some highlights were Naples (Mt. Vesuvius), Venice (gondola rides!), Florence (Art Galleries) and Rome (The Colosseum). I personally really want to go to Canada, Switzerland (should be next year), Berlin/Hamburg and the Maldives. It makes me so upset to think that beautiful places like the Maldives are just disappearing into the ocean because of global warming! Man can be so selfish when there are these gorgeous place to travel in the world 😦

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