Creating a Better “us”

As the days go by, I’m continuously reminded of how blessed and lucky  I am to have the things I have, the people I have and the life I have. While someday’s are better than others, there’s no denying that every day has some good aspects. I’m sure you could probably say the same thing about yourself. I mean, you’re reading this blog post in the comfort of your home, school or wherever you may be. Oh, and you’re reading this blog post on your fancy smartphone, or your IPad and computer.

But for some reason, I often forget the MILLIONS of people who aren’t as blessed and privileged like us. It’s not that I necessarily forget, I always keep that thought in the back of my mind because it’s hard to imagine that this world is advancing so rapidly, yet people are unfortunately being left behind.

Luckily, there’s Us. Yes, you and me. I never knew how a teenage girl like myself could ever make a change in this world, because of me being so young.  But as soon as I began to think a little deeper, I realized that I can simply use what I have. With the way the world is now, this is probably the greatest asset to change the world.

WORD OF MOUTH. Oh, and Social Media. You see, if you and I continuously spread awareness about the problems in this world, and others begin sharing it too, THINGS WILL CHANGE. If we continuously stand up for the change we want to be known, THINGS WILL CHANGE.

The Global Goals is an organization affiliated with the United Nations to make sure the 17 goals are implemented by the year 2030.  HERE ARE THE 17 GOALS:


How is creating goals actually going to create change?

Once we’ve spread awareness and the goals are known, it’s important that we make sure OUR world leaders stick to them. In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to fulfill these goals. If our leaders stick to them and implement them, we will see a GREAT amount of change!

Where do we go from here?

Now that you’ve read this blog post and read what I’ve got to say, it’s now time for us to take action in creating a better “us”. HERE ARE SOME THINGS I’D LOVE FOR YOU TO DO…

a)SIGN THE PLEDGE– By signing the pledge, you’re agreeing that you’ll do the best you can to create a better “us”. Click here to sign it !

b)SHARE THIS BLOG POST– If you scroll further down, you’ll see a line of sharing buttons, click on a social media platform that you’d like to share this post on!

c) Educate Yourself- There is only so much I can tell you, go and read about the goals yourself ! Click here to find out more !

Thank you so much for reading my post! Sending you tons of love and positivity for the week ahead!



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