Christmas Gift Idea’s For Her

Hey There Friendlings,

I’ve been quite M.I.A on my blog, but I feel so glad to be back! During my time away from the blog, I wrote a ton of content that I am super excited to share with you! Since it is the holiday season, I thought that I would share a few gift idea’s with you! These gift ideas are mainly for teenage girls & young adults, but if you don’t fall into those two categories, it’s totally okay to still purchase them! I tried to find fairly affordable things. But, if there are any expensive things and you like them, you can always save up for them or put them on your Christmas wish list. Before reading this blog, I would love for you to scroll further down, and share something that is on your Christmas wishlist!

ps: none of the links below are affiliated and all the prices listed are $ US.


1.Polaroid Camera- Shop Here ($54- SALE! ): Polaroid Camera’s are quite pricey, but they are super fun to have and to travel with. You are able to print so many memories, that are going to last a lifetime- if you don’t lose the photos!

2.Marble Power Bank- Shop Here ($24): Power Banks/Chargers are rapidly becoming our modern day LIFESAVERS. So why not get a super chic marble one?

3.World Map Scratch- Shop Here ($29): If you someone who absolutely LOVES to travel, or if you know someone who loves to travel, this is PERFECT! It allows you to scratch out all the places you’ve visited and to keep a record of all the places you still need to visit.

4.Marble Journal – Shop Here ($12): A journal is one of the ULTIMATE travel essentials you need. If I have something pretty, I normally force myself to use it. SO, why not have a pretty journal that is super cute !?

5.Makeup Brushes Travel Set- Shop Here ($86): I probably wouldn’t buy this for myself because I’m a teenager who doesn’t necessarily have a job. But if someone were to buy this for me, I would absolutely LOVE them. *wink, wink*

6.iPhone Selfie Fan- Shop Here ($6.95): For all the Southern Hemispherer’s ( that’s not a word) who are enjoying the magnificent rays from the glorious sun, this is PERFECT for you. All you need to do is plug it into your iPhone and cool air will begin to cool you down.

7.Ultimate Travel Book- Shop Here (16.98- SALE!): This is a great book to keep yourself busy on a flight, road trip, train ride etc.


1.Lush Little Snow Fairy Gift Set- Shop Here ($15.95): I think that this gift set is a BARGAIN. If you were to buy all things in the gift set, it would be slightly over $20.00. My mum got this for Christmas last year and I honestly loved using some of it. The Snow Fairy range only comes out during Christmas time and sells out SUPER FAST!

2.Dr. Martin Women’s Boots- Shop Here ($130.00): I’ve been looking at these boots on the Doc Martin’s website for such a long time. They are super cute and I feel like they can go with anything. I’ve read a couple of reviews and the boots are apparently really good for the winter because it keeps you super warm.

3.NYX Simply Lip Cream Set- Shop Here ($12.00): Once again, this is a MASSIVE Bargain. The normal price for a lip cream is $6 for one. The fact that you can get three of them is AMAZING. The NYX Lip Cream Set has all the MUST HAVE Fall and Winter colors.

4.Patched Up Denim Jacket- Shop Here ($39.99- SALE!): Patched Denim Jackets are becoming so fashionable and trendy. This particular one has a bit of a faded look, which gives a hipster sort of vibe. I don’t know how to give more details because I love denim jackets, end of story.

5.Around The World Leather Watch- Shop Here ($34.00): I’ve done a review on this, check it out here!

6.Metallic Temporary Tattoos- Shop Here ($6.00): These are so cool to wear the summer and I feel like more and more people are wearing them.


1.Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer- Shop Here ($130.00): If you don’t wanna buy a Polaroid camera, you can always buy a Polaroid printer. The Polaroid printer allows you to print pictures from your phone in a Polaroid format. Geez, Louise, technology is definitely advancing!

2.Bluetooth Crosley Record Player- Shop Here ($100.00): THIS IS AWESOME. NO EXPLANATION NEEDED, I feel like everyone needs to have this.Oh, and you don’t have to have actual records because you can connect the record player to your phone via Bluetooth.

3.Mini Drone+HD Camera-Shop Here ($80.00- SALE!): This for all the aspiring photographers out there who want to take photos from a different perspective. The drone comes with an HD Camera for you to record all your flights. (Please note that you will also need to apply for a drone license in order to legally fly your drone outside)

4.Bluetooth Speaker string light- Shop Here ($50.00): So, these aren’t ordinary fairy lights, they have Bluetooth speakers connected to the fairy lights. So, when you put up your fairy lights, you can also listen to music from them.

5.Donut iPhone 6/6s Case+ Earphones Gift Set- Shop Here ($28.00): THIS IS ANOTHER BARGAIN. Urban Outfitters normally have really good quality iPhone cases which range from $20-$55. The fact that they’re giving you Earphones as well is AMAZING and super generous.

6.Marble Cutting Board-Shop Here ($49.00): This cutting board would definitely encourage me to actually start cooking. It’s super classy and chic. I absolutely love the rose gold handles along with the marble board.

7.Marble Polaroid Case- Shop Here ($24.00): If you do end up purchasing a Polaroid, why not keep it in this beautiful case.

I hope that you got a few Christmas Gift Ideas. Be sure to scroll further down and let me know whats on your Christmas Wishlist. 

Hugs and Kisses,






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