9 Questions with Hann

Hey there Friendlings,

I hope that you’re all having a fabulous weekend ! For the past two weeks, I’ve given you the opportunity to ask me as many questions as you’d like ! Some people preferred to ask the questions anonymously, whilst others preferred to share their names and Instagram usernames. Before I answer your questions, I’d just like to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ASKING ME THESE QUESTIONS and unfortunately, I couldn’t answer all of them, because this blog would end up being long and boring. However, I will be answering the rest of your questions in the near future, in several blog posts to come!

In case you’re wondering why I chose to answer 9 questions, its because number 9 is my lucky number ! I know what you’re probably think, “who still believes in lucky numbers?” I guess I’ll need to come up with better reasoning next time!


asked by: @anonymous

Interesting question ! Well, I don’t really have an exact answer to this question but I can say that I’ve always thought of myself to be the person people can come to for advice. Before I got into blogging, I’d always share my advice and opinions with my friends. I’d always joke and say, ” ooh, let’s go for ‘Teatimewithhann” …and of course, I’ve always love tea. I drink tea almost twice a day and so the name was just perfect!


asked by: @mikspather

Hmmm, that’s a tough question. In terms of how to actually start a blog, I’d be more than happy to do a video or blog post in the future of how to do it, just email me and let me know! But in terms of content, I believe that you should write about things that you actually care about and don’t follow trends without putting your own ideas. Being unique is so important!


asked by: @mikaela.kieran

Firstly, thank you for lovely compliment ! YES , OF COURSE ! Blogging is one of the greatest and most impacting social platforms in the world. YouTube is however, becoming more popular, because who has time to sit and read anymore?  I have started recording and uploading YouTube Videos. My account is private, as of now, but if I ever decide to ‘launch’ my channel, expect tons of awesome content. But I must warn you that I’ll never stop blogging and blogging will always be my main priority !


asked by: @tayafrances + @hann.schikkerling 

The people. The stores. The immense amount of diversity. The list could go on !


asked by: @anonymous 

EVERYTHING from the food, the people, the immense amount of culture. There’s too many things to list.


asked by: @Emily

My favorite country, that I’ve visited, has to be England. It’s full of history and culture and the architecture tells a story.


asked by: @mikspather + @jenna

I love everything about traveling. From the moment I hop onto the plane, train, boat, car, bus, whatever it is ! I absolutely love it. I love to soak in every single moment.


asked by: @neli_xox + @tayafrances

I’ve got a lot of dreams, goals and ambitions, which I’d obviously love to achieve. I don’t necessarily feel comfortable splurging all these goals, but one thing I definitely have to accomplish, is finishing school and going to study what I’m passionate about in uni’.


asked by: @nadia.milenkovic

I wanted to share a lot more things I cared about. All other forms of social media, never allowed me to exactly write 1000 words. I mean, twitter only gives you a 140 characters and Instagram doesn’t accommodate for my lengthy opinions.

I would love to continue writing for as long as I can. I find it to be such a powerful thing to be able to do .I’M BASICALLY SHARING MY THOUGHTS WITH THE WORLD. THAT’S MIND BLOWING.

I love waking up to just write the whole day. I don’t know where this blog will take me, if it ever does take me anywhere, but I’d definitely love to nurture my passion for writing.


asked by: @anonymous

My favorite app has to be Bloglovin’. I’m on that app almost every single day, just reading blogs. PS: My Bloglovin’ username is ‘teatimewithhann’.

Thank you so much for reading my blog ! I hope that you got to know a little bit more about me. I will be answering all the other questions in the near future !

Hugs and Kisses,



+500 friendling points, how many friendling points do you have ?


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