Seasonal Phone Wallpapers 2016

Hey there friendlings,

HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope that you’ve had a fabulous week. This week I was looking for Christmas phone wallpapers on Pinterest to get into the Christmas spirit. I found several ones that I absolutely loved and wanted to share with you.

Because a large number of my viewers live in the southern hemisphere, I made sure that I also shared all of my favorite Summer wallpapers! If you do end up being interested in downloading a wallpaper, click on the pink text that says ‘Pinterest’. I hope that you enjoy this post, be sure to come back tomorrow for another blog!



  1. The ‘Oh Dear’ wallpaper from Pinterest. <<

  2. The blurry Christmas tree from Pinterest. <<

  3. The snowy forest wallpaper from Pinterest. <<

  4. The painted Mistletoe wallpaper from Pinterest. <<


  1. The watercolored ‘Cheers’ print from Pinterest . <<

  2. The ‘Let It Snow’ wallpaper from Pinterest. <<

  3. The snowmen hot chocolate wallpaper from Pinterest. <<

  4. The Christmas tree hanging out of the car wallpaper from Pinterest . <<


  1. The hot chocolate and mittens wallpaper from Pinterest. <<

  2. The ‘Christmasy’ fireplace wallpaper from Pinterest.  <<

  3. The snow filled forest wallpaper from Pinterest.  <<

  4. The cottage with snow wallpaper from Pinterest.  <<



  1.  The colored ice cream wallpaper from Pinterest.  <<

  2. The colored ice lollies wallpaper from Pinterest. <<

  3. The ‘fern’ plant wallpaper from Pinterest.  <<

  4. The swimming pool wallpaper from Pinterest.  <<


  1. The swing on the beach from Pinterest.  <<

  2. The starfish on the beach wallpaper from Pinterest.  <<

  3.  The beach sign wallpaper from Pinterest.  <<

  4. The almost blossomed flowers from Pinterest.  <<


  1. The bucket of flowers wallpaper from Pinterest.  <<

  2. The yellow flowers wallpaper from Pinterest.  <<

  3. The bouquet of purple from wallpaper from Pinterest. <<

  4. The bicycle and summer legs wallpaper from Lauren Conrad / Pinterest. <<




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