Charities/Organizations to support in 2017 

Hey there friendlings,

I hope that you’re all loving the new year! I believe that this year should be a year of change. I think that we can all agree, that one thing that should be changed, is our world. An effective way of seeing positive change in our world is by supporting campaigns, organizations, and charities that ultimately, help change the world. Here are a few organizations that I have absolutely loved watching grow and help change the lives of millions.
1. Let Girls Learn: is a campaign/movement that promotes the importance of girls receiving an education. This is a campaign/movement that is close to my heart. Whenever I browse through their website I remember the powerful quote that states, ” when you educate women, you educate a generation.” Support Let Girls Learn by visiting their website to find out more!

2. Malala Fund: like the “Let Girls Learn” campaign/movement, the Malala Fund promotes the importance of girls receiving a quality education. On the Malala Fund website, there are detailed steps, plans, and goals to ensure the need for all girls to receive quality education become a reality. Support the Malala Fund by visiting their website to find out more!

3. Generosity.Org: by providing clean water in disadvantaged areas, this organization is helping the next generation to receive access to their basic human right, clean water. Support by visiting their website to find out more!

4. Save The Children: as the refugee crisis is becoming more and more alarming, organizations like this provide a great amount of relief. Save The Children provides food, shelter, and supplies for refugee children across the globe. Support Save The Children by visiting their website to find out more!

Whilst I do believe that there are many more organizations that need to be supported, these are a few I thought some of you would be interested in!

What are some organizations that you think should be supported more in 2017? Let me know by scrolling further down and leaving a comment!
Hugs and kisses,



7 thoughts on “Charities/Organizations to support in 2017 

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