A Lazy Winter Day in New York 

Hey there friendlings,

Today I thought I’d share a “follow me around on a lazy day” blog post. Before I begin to ramble, let’s get going…

First on the itinerary :

A quick morning buzz aka a cuppa’ coffee. I’ve been loving the Starbucks classic-a dark roast original brew with a dash of milk. It’s refreshing and a great pick-me-up for the bitter winter mornings.

Of course, I had to have a lil’ something to read whilst I sipped on my coffee and so I read the queen of blogging, aka Zoe Sugg’s third book. What a great way to start the morning.

Next on the itinerary:

The plan was to go out for dinner at The Harolds. Accompanying me was a lovely YouTuber who you should definitely check out – The Kweens Guide.We were going from Brooklyn to Manhattan. First, we had to catch a train and then walk into Times Square.

[ my boots are from Sorel Footwear. Err, they are beyond comfy, warm and perfect for the snowy weather ]

Last places on the itinerary:

After dinner, we made a much-needed trip to Urban Outfitters on Broadway. This Urban Outfitters is the biggest Urban Outfitters I had ever seen. Everything was aesthetically pleasing and homey.

After that, we made a trip to Lush Cosmetics. We probably spent forty-five minutes in this store and felt exhausted when we were finished. Haha.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog! I hope you visit soon! Xo

What activities does your lazy day consist of? 

Hugs and kisses,




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