How To Know If What You’re Reading is True

Hey there friendlings,

Recently there has been a lot of spotlight and criticism in the media regarding if whether or not the information they share is true. I have personally read a lot of news sources that might have shared incorrect information accidentally but I believe that the majority of news sources I read are true. Whilst looking to see if what I’m reading is true, I like to check for 4 simple things which I hope will help you for figure out if what you’re reading is true.

#1 Make sure the source isn’t biased

Biased sources can easily manipulate events to create exaggerated stories. However, if you do decide to read the biased news, make sure you view the other side of the spectrum to ensure that you’re giving yourself the opportunity to be open-minded.

#2 Make sure the source refers to where they got their information from

It’s important that your source gives you somewhere to gain more information, whether they quote someone or refer to someone or even add highlighted links to texts. They must provide more places with information.

#3 Make sure the source gets updated when new information develops

If your source just publishes a story without further updating it, it isn’t necessarily a credible source.

#4 Read several sources for accuracy

It’s important that you are able to gain more information from several other sources. Whilst gaining information from other sources it is also incredibly important that there is a common thread.

Out of curiosity, have you read inaccurate information? 

Thanks for reading the post!

Hugs and Kisses, Teatimewithhann


4 thoughts on “How To Know If What You’re Reading is True

  1. Really interesting blog post! I was actually talking about this type of thing with my friend the other week, on inaccurate/bias news broadcasting. That the news we watch on the tv isn’t necessarily fake but isn’t entirely true either. There can be bias from the way the news reporter or news station decide to report it. But of course, if something is on the news, it HAS to be real, right?

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    1. It seems as if inaccurate news is becoming the norm, or maybe it’s always been the norm and we’re just realizing now. It’s extremely scary and concerning that once a news publisher shares information, I have to do research to determine whether it’s true or not. Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad you enjoyed reading it! – Teatimewithhann


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