Fashion Trends I’ve Been Loving

Hey There Friendlings,

Lately, I’ve been putting together a lookbook and style that I feel suits me. I have never really been someone who puts together a style, in the past if I saw something that I liked, I’d purchase it without thinking about what it could match within my closet. Because I’ve gained a lot of fashion inspiration from recent trends I’ve been noticing, I thought I’d share some of them with you. I hope that you enjoy reading this post!

Graphic Tees (2)

1. Overalls Skirts/Shorts

Over the years, this seems to have never run out of style. I have never really been a big overall skirt/shorts fan until now. They are hip, cute and perfect for a transition piece from spring to summer.

Graphic Tees (1)

2. Off the Shoulder Pieces

So many people have been wearing this lately and I mean SO MANY PEOPLE. When I first saw people wearing them I thought that it was absolutely ridiculous and I have to admit, the style has warmed up to me. I think that if you find the right off-the-shoulder piece, it’s very classy, elegant, fun and a summery clothing item.

Untitled design

3. Graphic Pieces

These have become so trendy in such an instance. I love that they are a clothing item that can describe you and your beliefs. It’s a fun clothing item to wear and can easily be worn with a lot of other pieces such as skirts, skorts, shorts, jeans and even chinos. They can also be worn for work or a casual event and I think that’s why people are obsessed with them.

Graphic Tees (3)

4. Pom Pom shoes

My goodness am I IN LURVE with these shoes. They are faux fur pom pom shoes that bring a sense of casualty and elegance. I remember people being obsessed with the Rihanna x Puma sliders/slippers with faux fur and so the trend has definitely evolved into more styles.  I definitely think that more and more people will be wearing them soon and the trend will further evolve.

Graphic Tees (4)

5. Patched/ Embroidered Pieces

I don’t know why I love these but I just do. They are a fun twist to your wardrobe and are definitely a blast from the past. It brings back such a hipster vibe that I absolutely love. Like the pom pom shoes, I definitely think that more and more people will embrace this trend, as it perfect for any season.

Graphic Tees (5).png

6. Busy in Yellow

Yellow has become a color that so many people seem to have fallen in love with this season! I love that people are comfortable wearing colors that aren’t really worn. I’m excited to see more trends embracing yellow and I definitely think I’ll be wearing a few yellow pieces in the summer. Hopefully, bees won’t find any joy in this.




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