10 Places To Visit In London

Hey there friendlings,

I hope you’re all well! I often get asked about where my favorite places are in London and what are some cool touristy places to visit etc. I thought I’d narrow down my list to ten places I absolutely love in London and I hope that you find this list to be somewhat helpful. This list is in no particular order of preference.

1. Oxford Street 

I cannot describe my love for Oxford Street in one blog post because it would require a million blog posts. Oxford Streets is filled with amazing restaurants and stores and one-hundred percent good vibes. One of the many reasons I love Oxford Street is because it is the hustle and bustle of London and it reminds me so much of New York.

2.Hyde Park

This is a great breather from the never-ending London energy. It’s the Central Parks of London and it hosts a great amount of family-friendly events to enjoy in the summer.

3.Jamie Oliver’s Diner

Grab yourself some sweet potato fries along with a burger and you will be hooked! It is a great place to hang out with friends and catch a laugh.

4. Harrods

If you are someone that likes to experience or visualize luxurious services, then this is the place for you. This department store is like no other. It’s eight floors are beautifully decorated and store some of the most amazing brands.

5. Piccadilly Circus

Now, this is the Times Square of London. It is filled with humongous billboards and great energy. It is also a few minutes away from Oxford Street and a great place to have a lil’ stroll.

6. Natural Science Museum

This world-renowned museum is probably one of my favorite science museums in the world. From their amazing historical artifacts to their airplane simulators and their cute little cafe. I don’t think that there is anything I could really complain about it. The museum was genuinely interesting and a perfect place to spend your off day at.

7. Stratford

Home to the London stadium, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and Westfield Stratford City. It is a lovely area in London to go sightseeing!

8. Emirates Air Line

If you are looking for a fairly good view of London that is cheaper than the London Eye, I definitely recommend this Cable Car that crosses the River Thames.

9. St Paul’s Cathedral

This iconic cathedral has some of the most amazing architecture. Millions of people of different backgrounds visit the museum daily and I think that, that is one of many reasons I love it.

10. British Museum

I have written about this museum in one of my blog posts and I cannot further express how amazed I was by how much history can be stored in a place. I believe that this is A MUST VISIT in London. From real Egyptian Mummies to fossils and so many more historical pieces, who wouldn’t want to visit such a profound museum.


Where are some of your favourite Places? I’d love to know!

Have you ever visited London before?


14 thoughts on “10 Places To Visit In London

  1. Awww I used to live in London so these places feel like home ❤️ I used to like The Shoreditch/Hoxton area a lot! Oh and Notting Hill! 😊

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  2. I love London! I have visited it quite a few times already and I just can’t get enough of it! Oxford street is the place to be I mean, the amount of shops there are is just insane 😍

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