Chit Chat with Catcher in the Style

Hey there friendlings,

I hope that you’ve all had a well-rested weekend and are prepared for the week ahead! I’ve had the honor to have a chat with not only a fellow blogger but: a model, traveler, fashion-enthusiast, and an absolute #GirlBoss. Thania Peck aka, Catcher in the Style has an overwhelmingly impressive portfolio, but before I share too much, please enjoy this little chat I had with Thania.

(Pink text is me 😉 )

1.I’ve absolutely LOVED all of your New York Fashion week snaps and I’d love to know what your favorite thing about Fashion Week is/was? 

I love the art in fashion and the ability for people to express themselves creatively. It’s always great seeing how the clothing fits on people and the colors of the season. Seeing the trends come to life as well.  I’m a big fan of street style. 

2. At what age did your love for fashion blossom? 

I was 10 when I first got interested in the fashion industry. I knew it needed to be a part of it. 

3.What are your two Fall/ Autumn  Fashion and Beauty essentials? 

I love moisture masks and a good charcoal mask.

4.I find that I have so many things to do and places to go to in New York but where are your three MUST VISITS in New York? 

Bocaphe, Sunday in Brooklyn and Williamvale Hotel


5.How would you describe your fashion style? 

Tom Boy nerd chic

6.What is one thing that you’d like to accomplish on your bucket list in the near future? 

Make a huge positive impact on youth education in America with one of the charities I support called Find Your Grind

7.What is a life lesson you’ve learned from being in the fashion/ blogging industry?

Be true to yourself. 

Disclaimer: All images belong to

Special thanks to Thania for chatting with me today! Can’t wait to see the great things you have install!

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