Take a Stand against Trophy Hunting

Hey there friendlings,

Happy Wednesday! You’ve made it halfway through the week and it’s almost the highly anticipated weekend. Today’s post means a lot to me as I’ve spent a large portion of my life under the glorious African sun. I’ve connected with nature, I understand the importance of nature conservation and I am deeply saddened that nature is being taken advantage of and destroyed. As a South African, elephants hold sentimental value. They are apart of the ‘Big Five’, they are the ‘peacemakers of wildlife’, and are the face of not only our nation but our continent. The heinous slaughtering of these precious animals for their tusks not only saddens me but leaves me outraged. Not only is the heinous slaughtering immoral, the ideology of using elephants as some sort of a trophy or decorative piece is sickening. If perceived from an economic perspective, wildlife draws millions to visit game reserves in particularly South Africa and this is a threat to the economy. “Trophy hunting accounts for a fraction of the R323 billion that tourism contributed to South Africa’s GDP … [a]bout 8,500 trophy hunters visit South Africa each year, compared to around 9.5 million tourists.” This irrefutably proves that whilst many hunters claim that trophy hunting largely benefits African economies compared to normal tourism it, in fact, doesn’t. Whilst I understand that this isn’t as large of a problem in South Africa as it is in Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, this is a pressing issue that everyone should be concerned about.

Please join me and 850, 000 others by signing this petition to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD:


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