Christmas Wallpapers 2017

Hey there friendlings,

As the days go by, I’m beginning to feel more and more “Christmassy” and there is no better way to celebrate Christmas than changing your phone’s wallpaper. I hope that you love these wallpapers as much as I do!

  1. Snowy Cabins Wallpaper from Pinterest

  2. Lighted Christmas Tree Wallpaper from Pinterest 

  3. English Winter Telephone Booth Wallpaper from Pinterest

  4. Hot Choco’ Wallpaper from Pinterest (1)


  1. Snowy- Lit Tree Wallpaper from Pinterest

  2. Hugging Christmas Tree from Pinterest

  3. Christmas Baubles from Pinterest

  4. Gift Wrapping Wallpaper from Pinterest (2)


  1. Fairy Lights Tree Wallpaper from Pinterest 

  2. Lit Evening Wallpaper from Pinterest

  3. Snowy Morning Wallpaper from Pinterest

  4. Christmas Morning from Pinterest (3)

  1. Falling Tree Wallpaper from Pinterest

  2. Deer and Trees Wallpaper from Pinterest 

  3. Gingerbread Wallpaper from Pinterest

  4. Snowy Balcony from Pinterest




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