Travel Guide 2017

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I hope that you’ve had a wondrous week! I feel as if it has become a tradition to put together a travel guide every year as I’m always finding more convenient ways to make the best out of my travels. This year, to my surprise, a travel guide that easily tops any travel guide I’ve ever shared, was put together by a fellow blogger and travel enthusiast, Kristin from “Round Trip“.


This travel guide significantly simplifies what I like to call the “Four P’s “: packing, planning/preparing, printing (through journaling your travels) and photography.

Packing: Breaks down the art of packing; making it quick, simple and most importantly, realistic.

Planning/Preparing:  Shares some key pointers for your travels with regards to expenditures, daily plans etc; leaving no excuses for having planned a flop of a holiday.

Printing: I’ve always been a big advocate for travel journals but I’ve never shared how to actually start one. This shows you, step by step on how to start your own; along, with suggesting other record keeping methods.

Photography: Recommending a variety of photo editing apps and cameras to ensure that you have the best travel pics’ out there!

Besides the  “Four P’s”, one of the many things I love about the travel guide/book are the many anecdotes from Kristin’s European travels. Her transparency doesn’t only show the typical-fairytale European adventure but, how she dealt with: being homesick, missing her trains, miscommunication due to language barriers and unfamiliarity with new cultures as there is only so much Google can show and tell you!

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(small excerpt from the travel guide/book)

*Lastly, I also love that this is the perfect gift to give to all your loved ones who are fairly regular travelers or even those who are traveling for the first time! The travel guide shares forty tips and tricks and can be read EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE as it is on  >>Amazon Kindle<<. I definitely recommend having a read and I believe that this has easily become a travel essential of mine.

I hope that you check out the travel guide/book and if you do, be sure to comment some of your favorite tips below OR share some of your own tips in the comment section.

Also, MASSIVE congratulations to Kristin for putting together an amazing book/travel guide!

Preview the Book here: Round Trip Blog 

Purchase the Book here: Amazon Kindle

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*: this post is sponsored: (disclaimer)


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