My Winter To-Do List

Hey there friendlings,

I hope that you’re all doing well! I am beginning to see my breath in the bitterly cold mornings on my way to school, we’ve seemed to have been given an abundance of snow, and Christmas is FINALLY around the corner!!!! **Insert confetti here** If you know me, you’d know that I’m not the biggest fan of winter; however, I think  I have no choice other than to embrace it – hence why I made this list. Here is the list of things I’d love to get done by the end of winter:

  • Go ice skating – basic winter activity that I haven’t done for years!

  • Go sledding – there is simply not enough snow to do this.

  • Build a gingerbread house

  • Try as many Christmas drinks on the Starbucks menu – I’m a sucker for Starbucks

  • Binge watch Christmas movies – Home Alone is a classic, but I can’t keep watching this forever.

  • Create a Christmas playlist on Spotify

  • Possibly go skiing – I’m terrified at the idea of this

  • Have some Winter photoshoots with the gals

  • Go to a Christmas Party

  • Get a Christmas jumper/sweater

I think that those are all the things I’m comfortable doing in the bitterly cold winter. What is on your Christmas/ Winter to-do list? I’d love to know!


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